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Kneepads designed specifically for floorlayers are essential as they provide advanced knee protection during extended periods of kneeling. Ensuring the proper kneepads means they will stay in place and distribute pressure evenly for reliable safety and comfort.



How to pick the perfect kneepad

Do you kneel down occasionally or do you spend a lot of time working on your knees? Perhaps you kneel and stand up many times a day? Choose the kneepad that best suits your working situation.

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When is it time to change your kneepads?

It's time to change to new kneepads when they don’t recover when you put them under pressure. Make it a habit to always inspect your kneepads while your pants are being washed. A good rule of thumb to follow is also to never re-use a pair of kneepads in a new pair of trousers.


Suitable kneepads

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